Barnabas Club & One Time Gifts

Barnabas is most often remembered for his missionary journeys serving as a travel companion and assistant to Paul, but Barnabas had many notable qualities all his own.  A quick study of Acts reveals that Barnabas was an encourager (11:23), "a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and of faith" (11:24), and a giver (4:36-37).  The name Barnabas translates, "Son of Encouragement".  This is a fitting description for Downing Ministries' monthly supporters and the very reason why this group is referred to by such a special name.  The faithful giving of this group of individuals is a source God uses daily to keep the ministry on viable financial ground.  

In a world full of negativity and nay-sayers, every gift to Downing Ministries is a reminder that God provides, that God's economy always works, and that people believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the effectiveness of this ministry to encourage the saints while extending hope to the lost.  Every gift, whether it is part of a monthly commitment or a one time act of encouragement, is met with gratitude and thanksgiving.  Downing Ministries operates entirely on the basis of financial gifts from both weekly ministry engagements and acts of encouragement from people like you.  When you think about it, every gift becomes part of a great cycle of encouragement.  What an amazing thought to ponder!


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