Downings 5 Pack Special
  • Downings 5 Pack Special
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Their distinctive style once made them the most nominated group at the Dove Awards. Find out why! Enjoy these releases of the original vinyl (minus the the needle noise).

THIS IS HOW IT IS LIVE: The Downings first ever live album recorded in Muncie, IN in 1971 now re-released on CD only. This album went on to be their most popular, including songs not released on any other project.
Track Listing:
1) Redemption Draweth Nigh
2) Because He Loved Me
3) I Find No Fault in Him
4) The End Was the Beginning
5) I've Got Confidence
6) One More Time
7) Bridge Over Troubled Water
8) The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power
9) If That Isn't Love
10) The Broken Vessel
11) The Healer of Broken Hearts

Track Listing:
1) I Fell So Good About it
2)Come On, Let's Praise Him
3) I Came to Praise The Lord
4) God's Wonderful People
5) The Family of God
6) I Have Something To Give
7) If I Can Help Somebody
8) It's My Desire
9) To Be Like Jesus
10) That's Worth Everything
11) He Is Lord
12) I Feel So Good About It (Reprise)
13) He Gave Me Joy
14) Gettin Ready Today
15) Oh I Want To See Him
16) I Just Want To Know That You Still Love Me
17) The Love Of God
18) Blessed Be The Name
19) Jesus Is The Answer
20) Greater Is He (That Is In Me)
21) Because He Lives
22) He Touched Me
23) I Feel So Good About It (reprise)

Track Listing:
1) Love Beyond Compare
2)Praise the Lamb of God
3)Oh, I Need Him
4)He's More Than Just a Swear Word
5)Before I Found The Lord
6) Happiness
7) There's Something in The Air
8)One More Day
9) A Wonderful Feeling
10) Rise and Be Healed
11)No Time For Jesus

Track Listing:
1)When I Say Jesus
2)I Didn't See, Yet I Believe
3)Then Where Would I Be
4)My Promised Land
5)Greater Is He That Is In Me
6) Caught Up Together
7)I Love Him Too Much
8) Because He Lives
9)'Til The Storm Passes By
10)Thank You Lord

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Downings' Special 2 Album CD: Once More... With Feeling / Neighbors
  • Downings' Special 2 Album CD: Once More... With Feeling / Neighbors
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Once More... With Feeling

The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power, Because He Loved, Put Your Hand In The Hand Of The Man, The One Left Behind, What A Happy Day, There's Something About That Name, When He Reached Down His Hand, Then Why The Tears, I Got My Heart Set On Heaven, A Drink Of Life


A Wonderful Day, It's A Good Life, The Eastern Gate, Precious Jesus, Brother You've Gotta Live It, The Unseen Hand, I'll Soon Be Gone, God Washed The Dirty Feet Of Men, The Lighthouse, Ten Thousand Years

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